REEL Review – Malcolm & Marie (2021)

Director: Sam Levinson | 1h 46mins | Drama Film director Malcolm (John David Washington) and his girlfriend Marie (Zendaya) come home from the premiere of Malcolm’s latest film. As Marie airs a grievance she has about Malcolm’s speech, the night turns into a verbal sparring match between the two. Sam Levinson’s latest film feels possible because of the current state of the world we are … Continue reading REEL Review – Malcolm & Marie (2021)

REEL Review – News of the World (2020)

Director: Paul Greengrass | 1h 58mins | Drama, Adventure, Western On his way from town to town Newspaper reader, and Civil War Veteran, Captain Kidd (Tom Hanks) comes across a young German girl who was kidnapped. With no one willing to help her, Kidd decides to travel across the South to find the girl’s family. Sometimes when we analyse films we often praise it for … Continue reading REEL Review – News of the World (2020)

REEL Review – Pieces of a Woman (2020)

Director: Kornél Mundruczó | 2h 6mins | Drama After a home-birth ends in tragedy, Martha (Vanessa Kirby) tries to navigate her life consumed by grief. When the event continues to loom over everybody, Martha’s relationships with her family become fractured. Mundcrudzo and Weber’s devastating drama is an acquired taste. One that captures unrelenting grief in all forms, but one that also has very little in … Continue reading REEL Review – Pieces of a Woman (2020)

REEL Review – Promising Young Woman (2020)

Director: Emerald Fennell | 1h 53mins | Crime, Drama, Thriller Still traumatised by a tragic incident in her past, former Med School student Cassandra (Cary Mulligan) exacts her own justice on predatory men who take advantage of drunk women. 2020 has seen a rise in wonderful female representations. Through tender thought-provoking dramas with a contemporary setting, period pieces and even the continuation of Patty Jenkins’ … Continue reading REEL Review – Promising Young Woman (2020)

REEL Review – Saint Frances (2020)

Director: Alex Thompson | 1h 41mins | Drama, Comedy Bridget (Kelly O’Sullivan), a 34 year old server, gets a job as a nanny to a sweet young girl named Frances (Ramona Edith Williams). Over the summer Bridget must deal with her own personal life while becoming closer to Frances and her family. Despite a successful festival run in 2019 and being snapped up by the … Continue reading REEL Review – Saint Frances (2020)

REEL Review – Nomadland (2020)

Director: Chloé Zhao | 1h 48mins | Drama After losing her husband and the town she once lived, Fern (Frances McDormand) packs up her belongings and starts living out of a van. On long the road, she meets numerous people who also live the “Nomad” lifestyle. Other than her recently call up to the blockbuster landscape, Chloé Zhao has been working and thriving in the … Continue reading REEL Review – Nomadland (2020)

REEL Review – Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Director: Patty Jenkins | 2h 31mins | Fantasy, Action, Adventure Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) has been fighting crime and keeping her head down since she helped the war effort during World War I. When her co-worker Barbara (Kristen Wiig) stumbles on an ancient artefact that grants wishes, oil entrepreneur Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) tries to acquire it for his own greed. Patty Jenkins’ 2017 Wonder … Continue reading REEL Review – Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

REEL Review – Calm With Horses (2020)

Director: Nick Rowland | 1h 40mins | Drama A young retired boxer keeps his head above water by acting as a brutal enforcer for a local crime family in rural Ireland, all whilst trying to balance his relationship with his son. Calm With Horses is the directorial feature film debut from Nick Rowland (known for superb shorts such as 2014’s BAFTA nominated Slap), adapted by … Continue reading REEL Review – Calm With Horses (2020)

REEL Review – Lovers Rock (2020)

Director: Steve McQueen | 1h 10mins | Drama Set in 1980’s West London, the film follows numerous guests of a party as they engage in romance, drama and dancing. When asked about the meaning of his Small Axe series Steve McQueen said: “it’s a celebration of Black Culture.” His first film, Mangrove, was a triumph in of itself as a roaring protest piece based on … Continue reading REEL Review – Lovers Rock (2020)

Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020)

Director: Eliza Hittman | 1h 41mins | Drama Autumn (Sidney Flanigan), a 17-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, founds out she’s pregnant. In order to get the help she needs she heads to New York with her cousin, Skylar (Talia Ryder). This review may contain spoilers. Sometimes a film is much bigger than it first seems; this year, we saw a similar thing with The Assistant (2020), … Continue reading Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020)