REEL Review – Over the Moon (2020)

Director: Glen Keane, John Kahrs | 1h 36mins | Animation, Musical, Comedy Four years after the death of her mother, Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) has to deal with her father (John Cho) trying to move on with new partner Mrs Zhong (Sandra Oh) by proving the legend of Chang’e (Phillipa Soo) is true, and stop their upcoming marriage. As big as Netflix’s original content schedule … Continue reading REEL Review – Over the Moon (2020)

REEL Review – After Love (2020)

Director: Aleem Khan | 1h 29mins | Drama Living in the port town of Dover, Muslim convert Mary (Joanna Scanlan) loses her husband of many years suddenly. Whilst cleaning his things, she find’s a secret phone, and starts to uncover his hidden life. Writer/Director Aleem Khan has made a name for himself in the UK for his engaging and original shorts, After Love being his … Continue reading REEL Review – After Love (2020)

REEL Review – The Salt In Our Waters

Director: Rezwan Shahriar Sumit | 1h 40mins | Drama | Language: Bengali Deciding to take some time to work on his latest pieces, young artist Rudro (Titas Zia) moves to a remote part of Bengal Delta, joining a small fishing village. Though intended as a calming retreat, it becomes a cultural battle between the modern and the traditional. Winning the Spike Lee Fellowship, writer/director/producer Rezwan … Continue reading REEL Review – The Salt In Our Waters

REEL Review – One Man and His Shoes (2020)

Director: Yemi Bamiro | 1h 23mins | Documentary Starting from his early career, we follow the story of Michael Jordan as he gets his first sponsorship – with Nike. It leads to the creation of one of the most popular shoes of all time, and explores the cultural impact the now billion dollar brand has. One of many debut features from the BFI London Film … Continue reading REEL Review – One Man and His Shoes (2020)

REEL Review – Wolfwalkers (2020)

Director: Tom Moore, Ross Stewart | 1h 43mins | Animation, Drama, Family Rooted in Irish folklore, Wolfwalkers follows Robyn Goodfellowe (Honor Kneafsey) as she and her father move from England to Kilkenny to wipe out a wolf pack in the way of a towns expansion. She meets Mebh (Eva Whittaker), a fabled wolfwalker, and they attempt to find Mebh’s absent mother. Animation studio Cartoon Saloon … Continue reading REEL Review – Wolfwalkers (2020)

REEL Review – Ultraviolence (2020)

Director: Ken Fero | 1h 15mins | Documentary In 2001 director Ken Fero released Injustice covering the subject of death in police custody. Nearly 20 years later comes his follow up, showing the lack of change and anger towards a broken system. The time it has taken Fero to complete his follow-up to the exposure of police brutality towards those in their custody may seem … Continue reading REEL Review – Ultraviolence (2020)

REEL Review – The Reason I Jump (2020)

Director: Jerry Rothwell | 1h 22mins | Documentary Based off of the memoir by Naoki Higashida, a non-speaking 13 year old autistic child, The Reason I Jump is an immersive documentary trying to bridge the gap between those struggling to understand the world around them and those unable to understand them. The best documentaries out there are the ones that keep the interest of its … Continue reading REEL Review – The Reason I Jump (2020)

REEL Review – Mangrove (2020)

Director: Steve McQueen | 2h 4mins | Drama Based on the true story of the Mangrove 9, Steve McQueen’s latest instalment in the Small Axe series dramatises the story of the protesters fighting against police brutality during the late 1960’s in Notting Hill. Spanning across multiple decades, Steve McQueen’s latest writing and directing outing is a series of features for the BBC, two available at … Continue reading REEL Review – Mangrove (2020)

REEL Review – Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (2020)

Director: Bill Ross IV, Turner Ross | 1h 38mins | Documentary This review of Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (2020) is written by Connor Cudmore. A darkly comic and moving portrayal of America’s down-and-out generation. Directed by Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross, Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets follows the coming and goings of a group of barflies that find solace in a dilapidated Las Vegas bar. … Continue reading REEL Review – Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (2020)

REEL Review – Little Joe (2020)

Director: Jessica Hausner | 1h 45mins | Drama, Horror, Thriller Plant breeder Alice (Emily Beecham) and co-worker Chris (Ben Whishaw) dedicate their newest genetically modified ‘happy’ flower to her teenage son Joe (Kit Connor). Just before it’s announced to the public, Alice starts to wonder whether her unapproved techniques have caused Little Joe to have more influence than just your happiness. Taking a somewhat unique … Continue reading REEL Review – Little Joe (2020)